Invocation to Durga Devi for a Blessed 2020 – January Newsletter

Invocation to Durga Devi for a Blessed 2020 – January Newsletter

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This month our newsletter is dedicated to Durga Devi. She who takes away pain. She who protects those who follow universal values. She is a warrior goddess. She gives strength, courage and the capacity to overcome any challenge in life. This year is coming to an end and we are entering 2020. Every moment is already gone and the new is already waiting for us. Can we let go of what has been and welcome what comes with an attitude of gratitude? Durga helps us at every step in life to embody the woman we are meant to be. Compassionate, caring, patient, understanding, truthful, worthy, honouring and living our life from our heart. May Durga Devi, protector of new beginnings, guide us towards making choices that are ultimately good for ourselves. May She help us to make choices that will bless us.

Happy New Year, with Love from all of us – Be Woman Team!

Durgā is usually depicted riding a lion (sometimes a tiger), and holding numerous objects in Her 8 hands. These objects tend to be weapons like the trident, the discus, the bow and arrow, the mace and the sword. She carries other auspicious objects like the conch shell and the half-opened lotus. Usually, one of Durgā’s hands will be in the form of an auspicious gesture like the cinmudrā or the mudrā of fearlessness. Durgā ‘rides’ the lion (siṁha) which is her vehicle (vāhanam). This symbolizes Her ability to wield all material in the universe (māyā). Because of Her immense power (Śakti), the male ‘gods’ have gifted Her their finest weapons. She is entrusted by them to protect Dharma (Vedic and universal values).

Find below a beautiful mantra dedicated to Durga Maya Kundalini Devi sung and unfolded by Sharada Devi. The music track and explanation of the mantra is for you. May it support you, aligning your heart with your intentions for the new year. May we all have the serenity to accept what we cannot change, the courage to change what we need to change and the wisdom to know the difference between what we cannot change and what we can.

A Women’s circle facilitator course & education on the sacred feminine

Next coming up: Be Durga Kali Training 
Teachers; Sharada and Dr. Sujatha
BALI, Ubud
February 1st – 11th, 2020 


This module is dedicated to Durga, she who removes pain and suffering. Durga  represents the archetype of motherhood, strength, courage, bravery, she who protects the people who follow universal values, leader & mentor. In this training you will also learn mantras to offer to Durga Devi

Testimonies from Be Durga Training 2019

What Is Be Woman Project?

Be Woman Project is an intention to inspire women to heal any wound around being a woman as well as the relationship with other women in their life. By getting to know oneself as the source of love, security and happiness and the discovery of one’s own worthiness, we can embody the love that we are and reach out to our families, friends and community in a loving and supportive way rather than needing to be emotionally validated by them. Women have a sacred bond with each other, a bond of trust, which has broken down and been forgotten by many over the last decades.
Be Woman Project is here to help rediscover and re-establish that bond and the value of being a woman, a sister and a mother in and of the universe.

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