Know Woman. Be Woman. All Women. Nature. Nurture. Me.


A project that empowers women to know that they are safe, loved and connected.


Neutralize competition through sharing stories, contribution, support and validation.

Neutralize jealousy through admiration and the sacred arts.

Neutralize fear, insecurity, the sense of unworthiness, shame and alienation through self knowledge and sacred gatherings.

What is Be Woman Project?

Be Woman Project is an intention to inspire women to heal any wound around being a woman as well as the relationship with other women in their life. By getting to know oneself as the source of love, security and happiness and the discovery of one’s own worthiness, we can embody the love that we are and reach out to our families, friends and community in a loving and supportive way rather than needing to be emotionally validated by them. Women have a sacred bond with each other, a bond of trust, which has broken down and been forgotten by many over the last decades. Be Woman Project is here to help rediscover and re-establish that bond and the value of being a woman, a sister and a mother in and of the universe.

What is it not ?

Be Woman Project is not: political, gender discriminating, religious or in any way exclusive. It is not a money-making campaign. 

The Sacred Woman Retreat Be Woman Retreat

We are inviting all women who feel inspired or have a longing to spend time with fellow sisters, sharing, carrying and honoring each other. May we find healing, support growth, the courage and confidence to share our story, lay down the weapons of jealousy, competition and rivalry, give up insecurities, and the sense of unworthiness and find solace in truth, sacred beauty and sisterhood, ceremonies and prayers, Devi “the goddess” and finally discovery the true meaning of Love.


Be Woman Project
Be Woman Circles Online

We are excited to invite you to monthly

from which you can choose to join from the comfort of your home.
Be woman t-shirt suprema be woman project
Be woman t-shirt suprema be woman project

Wear your prayer.

A reminder for all of us women to reclaim our self worth and rediscover the value of Sacred Sisterhood & being a role model

‘Saprema of Sweden – yoga clothing’ and Be Woman Project joined hearts.
Know Woman. Be Woman. All Women. Nature. Nurture. ME.
That is our prayer. Now we can be the inspiration as we wear our heart intentions for all to see.

Get your T-Shirt today or gift your sister, your mother, daughter, aunt or any woman! And be the sacred mirror to your sisters!

With every purchase you support Be Woman Project that is here to offer a sacred space for women to rediscover their self worth and the value of having a sisterhood and being a mother in and of the universe!

How does the sacred feminine express through you?
Share your story. Stories of life, of growth, of the silent or screaming – the unforgettable moments that mark a point of passage, of initiation, into your evolving Womanhood.

Women are strong. Women are brave. Being woman means being naked, vulnerable and raw. Baring herself means accepting all facets of her life of her being. Every emotion that ever was and ever will be, she felt it, it ran through her veins.

It is her time to share, her time to be seen. She is what is, here and now. She is the infinite expression of the whole universe. How she expresses herself is her choice.

Here you can read other women’s stories and share yours!

Reaching out, contribution and support.

Free woman. Strong woman. Brave women. Standing side by side.

Dear Women, we encourage you to reach out to one another and invoke help, guidance or inspiration. How do you share your heart, passion and uninhibited love with the world? Do you cook, sing or paint? Are you a mother, a sister, a wife, a grandmother? Share with us how your express yourself. Let us celebrate you and be inspired! We can support each other with our given gifts and skills. Instead of competing with each other, we contribute and lift each other up.

You have something that I think I don’t have. I have something that you think you don’t have.

We overcome these seeming differences by finding out what we have in common, seeing how we are complementary and discovering how we can serve each other.

Share your business, skills, or project with us and we’ll present it here so it can be a resource available to other women to be used as a source of knowledge, aid, or inspiration.   Let us know what is possible. Let us show you what is possible. As a sacred constellation of talent, we all come out shining together as one bright luminous body of light and love.

Here you can see other women’s offerings and share yours!

Be Woman Mantra - expression & the sacred arts

“Reflection. Connection. Protection. Find your voice and shine.”

Dear Woman, we encourage you to reach out to other women and unravel your creative expression. Share your voice. Sing it. Paint it. Speak it. Dance it. In whatever way you express, share with us your personalized version of the Be Woman Mantra.

Reflect upon yourself, upon the feminine principle, and connect with us. Let us be inspired by your voice, your heart and your vision. You are safe here in the circle of sacred sisterhood, resting in the one heart we all share.

See the sacred arts other women have shared and share yours!

The founder of Be Woman Project
Vision and the story behind Be Woman Project
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