Be Woman Womb Yoga with Jenny Janaki Solberg

Be Woman Womb Yoga with Jenny Janaki Solberg

Be Woman Project presents Jenny Janaki Solberg – Yoga teacher. Co-teaching Be Woman Womb Yoga and Nordic Light Yoga. Teacher at Be Durga Training To enjoy more free classes for women, join our facebook group: Be Woman Sisterhood- Be Woman Facebook

Every Sunday a woman is sharing her offerings with us all, in her discovery of the Sacred Feminine and what have blessed her.

Janaki says: Connect to your sacred womb and soothe your nervoussystem with Be Woman Womb Yoga. Yoga dedicated to honour a womans body. To be deeply in touch with your womb; the seat of Prana Shakti. Connect, listen, be with her, talk to her and release her wounds. This practice is devoted to developing a relationship to your womb, the home of the sacred feminine. A journey of coming home to yourself and your feminine essence.

Janaki is deeply inspiered to share what has blessed her in coming into deeper relationship with herself. Through a journey of connecting to her feminine essence, she has discovered ways of acessing the sacred feminine through yoga, slowing down and to be present with her heart and womb. This sharing will focus on the principles of Be Woman Womb yoga, as well as yoga for stress management.

More about Janaki and her work here:

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