Yin Yoga for women with Beta Lisboa

Yin Yoga for women with Beta Lisboa

Be Woman Project presents Beta Lisboa – Trauma therapist, Yogi, Kids educator and bodyworker. Founder of Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga. Part of the Be Woman Team To enjoy more free classes for women, join our facebook group: Be Woman Sisterhood- Be Woman Group

Every Sunday a woman is sharing her offerings with us all, in her discovery of the Sacred Feminine and what have blessed her.

You will need a pair of tennis balls or any Myofascial balls, a yoga mat, blanket and some bolster or pillows. Make sure you are in a quiet and calm space with fresh air for this session. “The fascia holds emotional and physical trauma that inhibits the functioning of your body over time. By gently opening the fascia, the traumas (most unknown to us) and emotional component can be released, freeing the body of restrictions that cause pain, and disease.” John Barnes

Earthing, walking and breathing free!

Beta will lead you into a journey back to your body, to the earth, to your human existence. You will work on the feet, opening the plantar fascia to stabilize a better connection to the earth and your blueprinting (ancestors). With exercises to open up the feet, to release the plantar fascia and to establish a connection with your feet and the ground. Than working on the fascial bends of the ilium – psoas and diaphragm muscles. You will be lead towards an emotional and physical trauma release in order to diminish the damage caused by the constant stress mode, fight or flight reflex and adrenal fatigue, a common syndrome nowadays.

About Beta: Beta’s life purpose of guiding people through Body and Mind integration processes has been enriched by her many years of expertise in self-development. Passionate about unlocking people’s full potential, her approach is personal, thorough, deep, individualized, life-changing and specially suited to those who are curious about and ready for transformation in their lives. Beta believes that what manifests within is also what is shown to us in our ‘outer’ world. Thus her guiding mantra has become ‘the body knows,’ a simple yet profound realization that we must tune in and listen to our physical selves for answers on matters of health, wellness and spiritual truth. A number of health systems and modalities are covered in Beta’s work, including elements of Myofascial Release Therapy, Vital Essence Trauma Release Breathwork, Chakra Healing Awareness and Mindfulness. Read more http://betalisboa.com/approach/

More about Beta and her work on her website: www.betalisboa.com

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