Be Woman Womb Yoga is a dedication to the Sacred Feminine body. A yoga practice created for the feminine body, with its sacred cycles, we recognise that a woman’s body is unique and special. Just like nature, it doesn’t have a structured shape. It is organic and changes every day throughout your monthly cycle.

Be Woman Womb Yoga recognises that a woman’s body has different needs that has to be cared for. When they are, Devi- woman, will feel more fulfilled, satisfied, in touch with herself and the world around her. She will be able to hold her emotional weather with more strength and manage her inner life. She will feel more relaxed, less stressed and know how and when to use her energy. She will have more vitality, stronger health and knowledge about how to navigate through life. A Homecoming to yourself and the heart of your feminine power.

This practice reconnects you to the womb or womb-space. The Womb is the seat of Prana Śhakti and through aware yoga practice, you can awaken her energies of creativity, self love and sensuality. It is the seat of a nourishing inner wisdom, and a symbolic connection to Devi.

The female source power- Yoni Śhakti carries the qualities of nourishment, wisdom, generosity and creativity. These qualities are accessed through developing a loving connection to our womb space.



Gentle Yoga with organic movements, to release tension, energise and connect to your womb and heart space.

Gestures to greet the womb, coordinating breath with movement and body awareness will help you calm down and be more present in your body.

Through Śhakti Bandhas (muscle activation in your pelvis), you can unlock the energies of your Yoni (the whole female genitalia; vulva + vagina + womb) -release tension and connect deeper to your own creative possibilities. 

During Yoga Nidra you will have the chance to rest deeply and connect to your heart and womb. Nidra is a powerful healing practice that can release stored tension, tiredness, stress and emotions. It is a time when you can take a total break from life, as well as processing and releasing tension.