This was Sarasvati Training 2019
© Photo by Terese Bygg

This was Sarasvati Training 2019

Knowing ourselves as the source of love, happiness and security is the greatest wealth one can possess as a human being.

Re-discovering the value of being a woman, a sister, a mother of the universe: 12 Devis embarked on this journey, the second Sarasvati Training, in Sweden in August 2019. Sarasvati: She, the goddess of knowledge and sacred arts.

We have learnt how to hold and facilitate Women’s Circles, how to do 5-step Pujas, about Sacred Feminine Yoga, Natural Fertility Awareness, our Erotic Blueprint, the Essence of our Being according to Vedanta-philosophy. And so, so much more: We re-discovered and re-established the sacred bond women have with each other, by sharing from and connecting with our hearts.

Thank you to Sharada, Petra Parvati, Disa and Nathalie for sharing as women and as teachers the jewels you have been given. Thank you to Elisa and Terese for helping to provide the participants the support and love they needed, as mentors. Thank you beautiful devis Ranjana, Olivia, Hanna, Iulia, Kristin and Rahel to have participated and committed to join Be Woman Project on this journey. And our warmest thank you to the people living in Charlottendal for having welcomed us with open arms. 

Aim hreem Om sarasvatyai namaha 1008

© Photos by Terese Bygg

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