Sacred Herbs & Women with Elisa Maran

Sacred Herbs & Women with Elisa Maran


Elisa Maran – Ayurveda (never ending) scholar and practitioner, Permaculture explorer, mother, project manager and member of the Be Woman Team.

women enjoy a special and sacred relationship with Bhoomi Devi and with Nature. Many herbs bloom in our earth as medicines available to heal, to nurture and to guide us in our cycles of life. In this class we will talk about this special relationship, how to recognize some herbs that are particularly effective to support women’s health, how to use them and their properties. Elisa found her home in Sicily, Italy, after years spent between Nepal and India where she met the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

Her background is in Euro-Asiatic Studies with a particular dedication and call towards Vedic philosophy. Working in the field of human rights protection she had the blessing to spend a lot of time with tribal communities and local farmers in Nepal, expanding her knowledge of medicinal herbs, Ayurveda and exploring the relation with Bhumi Devi, the oneness with Nature and all that is. Back in Europe she discovered Deep Ecology and integrated these practices in her personal search.

More about Elisa and her work here: Facebook: Porto di Terra

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