The Sacred Woman Retreat

- in collaboration with Peace of Mind and Passion for Life Events

Dates: August 16th to 21nd, 2020 in Château-d’Oex, Switzerland


We are so happy to announce that we have been invited to offer a Sacred Women’s Retreat by the conscious Event Organisation “Peace of Mind – Passion for Life” hosted by Cecilia Kearley

We invite you to discover & enjoy the infinite gifts of being a woman and having a sacred sisterhood.
* Women’s Circles*  teachings on the sacred feminine* Womb Yoga* Embodied Movement practices* breath work* trauma release* Sacred Dance* ceremonies with mantras and offerings* self care rituals *

A time to resolve in timelessness, pampering each other and sharing with each other our stories of joy, of love, of loss, of life. The main intention of the retreat is to offer a journey into self-knowledge and the magic of the Sacred Woman.

She who embodies all forms. She who is ready to embrace all that is here as sacred, as whole and complete.

Come and explore the deep value and power of being a woman, to recognize our real nature as one non dual being, that is connected with all beings, guided by the ancient Vedic knowledge, tantric practices, modern tools all supported and surrounded by a sacred sisterhood.

“The source of love is not outside of myself, it is myself.” 

The Sacred Woman Retreat Be Woman Retreat

The retreat will include different classes and moments of deep sharing, healing & sacred inquiry.

 Womb Yoga

Embodied practices & breathwork

 Connect to your sacred womb and soothe your nervous system with Be Woman Womb Yoga. Yoga dedicated to honour a woman’s body. To be deeply in touch with your womb; the seat of Prana Shakti. Connect, listen, be with her, talk to her and release her wounds. This practice is devoted to developing a relationship to your womb, the home of the sacred feminine. A journey of coming home to yourself and your feminine essence.

 Movement & breath practices that honour and nurture a woman’s body, including self care informed yoga, non linear movements, deep pelvic care and release. Practices that celebrate our essential cyclical nature as women, & support us through all of our life cycles & stages, restore harmony and deepen intimacy from within.

Devi Classes

Devi Circles

 Here we learn about our essential nature, we learn that we are lovable and worthy just as we are. Through stories from the Vedic Mythology we find lots of inspiration and support in life. We learn that the body is a temple; we neutralize complexes and judgments around it. We find a source of help and support through the teachings of Vedanta and the sharing with other women

Devi circles are magical, at times scary because here we will share with each other our stories and also reveal ourselves. We will learn how to invoke courage and strength to express out loud what has been untold. For many carry shame, guilt, hurt, judgments and fears. One of the best ways to overcome them is to share and give voice to them and see that we are not alone. There is a background for it and there was helplessness. We can ask for help, we are worthy of it. We are ready to offer back what does not serve any longer. Based on different themes we will see how we have been conditioned and maybe holding onto wrong ideas and notions. In loving compassionate non-judgmental ways we let them go and unlearn


Pampering time & unveiling Goddesses ritual


It is a ritual to honour and pamper the body. Each part is sacred. As we breath through the process of being seen, we honour each other with praise and worship.  It is profoundly healing, nourishing and supportive towards self acceptance.

the sacred woman retreat

Your Facilitator

Sharada is a devoted and committed student and teacher of Vedanta and the Vedic Tradition for many years. She is originally from Switzerland – Philippines, living in Ubud, Bali since 11 years in a spiritual community.
During summers she travels to Europe, teaches at Festivals and holds retreats and sacred gatherings.
Sharada has studied Vedanta, Sanskrit, Meditation, Puja and Chanting with her revered teachers in the lineage of Swami Dayananda since 2010.
Her teachers have blessed her to pass on the teachings and the beautiful devotional practices that help one to grow and find permanent happiness and security.
Her devotion shines through in all she offers, especially in mantra chanting, rituals and during women’s circles.
Her background in Odissi Dance, which is a temple dance, has helped her own discovery of the sacred feminine profoundly.
Sharada is the founder of Be Woman Project.
She leads International Women’s Circles and Trainings with all her heart, as they have been essential in her own emotional and spiritual growth.
She is currently part- taking in the 1 year VITA Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching program with Layla Martin.

Your Host

You are an artist, a chef, a teacher or simply passionate about a practice or a discipline that promotes a harmonious and balanced lifestyle. You wish to launch workshops, retreats, events but do not have the time or expertise to organise them yourself? Cecilia has an extensive experience in luxury hospitality and has spent more than 19 years organising seminars, weddings & events as well as wellbeing packages. Her concept, “Peace of Mind & Passion for Life”, focuses on co-creating with you, personalised and unique events, including coordinating all the organisational aspects from finding the perfect venue to creating an inspiring atmosphere representative of your core values. 

Cecilia Kearley

Peace of Mind & Passion for Life Events

Event & Image Co-designer

Our sacred place for our retreat



A women's circle.

Where time and space resolves.

Where division is nothing but a wrong vision.


We come together to see each other.

Naked, raw, vulnerable, real.

Strong, brave and free.


To give voice what has been unsaid.

To release what has been unfelt.

To unite in the sense of loneliness.

To care for all that is with love and tenderness.

To share silence.

To be present.

To pray, invoke guidance, clarity & self knowledge.

Founder Be Woman Project
Be Woman Project