Puja, Rituals & Ceremony with Sharada

Puja, Rituals & Ceremony with Sharada

Be Woman Project presents Jenny Sharada – Founder Be Woman Project & Vaidika Dharma Rituals & Teachings read more about her on www.bewomanproject.info & www.vaidika.org To enjoy more free classes for women, join our facebook group: Be Woman Sisterhood- Be Woman Group

Life is an offering. Life is sacred. Discover the beauty of prayers and rituals with Sharada For our Puja ceremony, please bring the following items. Puja Altar Set: Nice cloth 1 x brass cup (or glass if brass is difficult to find) 1 x spoon Incense/palo santo/sage 1 x incense holder 2 x candles Oil essence 1 x mirror 1 x bell Matches or lighter 1 x Japa mala Any other sacred item you wish Picture or little statues of different deities (Saravati, Shiva, Laksmi Durga, Krsna, Hanuman etc.)

Offerings: A plate of flowers Sweets, fruits any other food items Water Any other sacred items, jewellery.

“Know Woman. Be Woman. All Women. Nature. Nurture. Me.” It started with an English mantra; a prayer that has given birth to ‘Be Woman Project”. An initiative to inspire women from all backgrounds, different nations, cultures and languages. Sharada’s passion and love for the sacred feminine to heal, brought her to lead Devi Circles which are Women’s circles. Sacred gatherings for women that offer a safe non-judgmental space to heal, find self-acceptance, compassion, courage and empowerment.

The circle offers support to overcome competition, jealousy, fears, insecurities and the sense of unworthiness through knowledge, sharing and devotional practices. Be Woman Project is her vision to inspire as many women as possible to rediscover the value of being a woman, having a sisterhood and being a mother of and to the universe. Through sacred collaborations, reaching out events, education and heart sharing’s we find healing, nourishment, strength, support and everything we need in order to mature and embody the love that we are essentially. The secret of Devi, ‘the way of the sacred feminine,’ has been a deep discovery for Sharada. Learning many Sanskrit Devi Mantras with her revered teacher, brought her closer to understanding the inner meaning of the Goddesses of the Vedic Tradition.

Sharada has been studying in India and Bali for many years. She is a devoted student and teacher of Vedanta, Puja’s (Vedic Rituals), Vedic Chanting, Sanskrit & Guided Meditation. Today she shares the priceless jewels, that have blessed her life so profoundly, whole heartedly with many seekers in Asia, Europe & Online. A note from Sharada: If a woman’s heart can heal, it heals the whole universe… because she is the whole universe. Women have shared and come together for times immemorial; gathered to pray, to sing, to worship, to support, to heal, to nourish, to grow together. It is time to take the step to inquire into the nature of I and embark on the profound journey towards Self Acceptance and the discovery of Love.

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