HIP & PELVIC FLOOR PRACTICES with Petra Parvati Kalla

HIP & PELVIC FLOOR PRACTICES with Petra Parvati Kalla

Be Woman Project presents Petra Parvati Kalla – Sacred Feminine Yoga, IAYT-cert yoga therapist, Physiotherapist, Mother & Co Founder/Teacher Be Woman Sarasvati Training To enjoy more free classes for women, join our facebook group: Be Woman Sisterhood – Be Woman Group

Every Sunday a woman is sharing her offerings with us all, in her discovery of the Sacred Feminine and what have blessed her.

ROOT SUPPORT – HIP & PELVIC FLOOR PRACTICES Nothing in the body works in isolation. This practice will strengthen your legs, hips core and low back – all which support your pelvic floor. Invite ease and comfort in hips and low back through dynamic movements, exploring and opening up to potential mobility. Practicing connection to our pelvic floor and womb throughout. Increased sensitivity and receptiveness coupled with strength and stability in our lower body invokes self-trust, sacred borders and emotional maturity.

This class will build on the previous class with Petra Parvati in the Be Woman Online Presence, recorded on february 17th, where we laid the foundation for a yogic approach to pelvic care.

More about Petra Parvati and her work on her website: www.sacredspine.se

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