Embrace and honor your true self with AYURVEDA

Embrace and honor your true self with AYURVEDA

Blog post 1 – Intro to Ayurveda

Maybe the most important thing we can learn from Ayurveda is to embrace our own uniqueness, not only will it make us more confident and beautiful, it is also the key to staying healthy.

There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long;
«I feel that this is right for me, I know that this is wrong.»
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend or wise man can decide or tell you what is right for you. Listen to your own voice that speaks inside…

We are all born with our own unique Prakrtih (our «Ayurvedic DNA»), and one of the biggest challenges to our health and happiness is that we often try to become someone or something we are not ment to be.
Instead of getting to know, honor and love our own body the way it is –

so many of us end up spending a lot of energy, frustration and even tears trying to match the constantly changing image of perfection.
An image that often will cause us more harm than good.
Already drained of energy trying to live up to the latest hype or body image, this struggle will often create an increasing downward spiral. A vicious circle where we end up loosing direction, sacrifycing our inner values, self-worth and so bringing ourselves even more out of balance.

Being able to turn our focus inward, finding and listening to our inner voice and how it can guide us, demands a great deal of trust and courage.
Getting to know your own individual balance (Ayurvedic blueprint) can help to navigate the murky waters of external influences.

A great way to start is by becoming familiar with the doshas* (Vata, Pitta and Kapha), their qualities and how they come into play in our bodies and minds.
The next step might be to investigate and become aware of what can bring them (the doshas) out of balance and how we can take proper measures to prevent this from happening. In this way we can regain balance before it may turn into more specific and serious problems, manifesting as ailments and disease.

You can start your self-assessment by doing the dosha-quiz. This will help you recognize which of the doshas are most prominent in you, and how they influence you. The good qualities indicating balance, and the more challenging and «negative» qualities indicating an imbalances state.
To regain balance we need to start with the current situation, so when you do the test mark the answer that mostly resonates with you right now.

Then by applying the most basic and important principle of Ayurveda; like increases like and opposites balance, you can start exploring your mind- body respons to everything that our senses are exposed to and how it influences you. Ex. the food we eat, the season, weather and climate, our daily lifestyle and activities, yoga-practice, the company we keep, how we nurture and treat ourselves – literally everything we do and all that we take in to our bodies and minds.

Both directly and indirectly, by choice or involuntary, everything has an effect upon us – and hence the ability to bring us back into balance or further out of balance.

Enclosed you will find more detailed information about the doshas so that you can learn more about Vata, Pitta and Kapha and their qualities. Note that they all have both healthy and positive qualities, and that more negative and challenging aspects may come into play when they are out of balance or in an aggravated state.

In the next blog-post we will go more into some simple ways we can work on regaining our balance and move toward health, happiness and harmony.

*) Dosha literally meaning fault, something that is out of balance.

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