How to regain and maintain balance

How to regain and maintain balance

Ayurveda has a truly holistic approach to health and healing. There is no differentiating between that which will influence our mind, body and spirit. We acknowledge how everything has the ability to bring us more in to balance or further out of balance. Whatever affects the body will affect your mind, and everything that affects the mind will have an effect on your body.

Ayurveda does not offer a quick-fix to health and healing, but a step-by-step approach to regaining your individual balanced state. It may take some time and patience, but is likely to be one of the best investments you can make for overall health and harmony.

It is all about quality rather that quantity. Even the smallest steps we can
incorporate as a steady routine will be more powerful and effective than the bigger bursts of action that we may only do now and then. A gradual integration and changing of habits and routines is the best way to go.

The most important Ayurvedic principle «like increase like and opposites bring balance».

Consciously applying this simple rule to all aspects of our lives; eating, sleeping, working, interacting with others and how we approach the whole world – it all has the ability to influence our potential for health,
happiness and harmony.

These days most of us have become so used to complicating our lives that we have forgotten how simple and intuitive it really can be. We may even have lost or started distrusting in our ability to actually feel and recognize what will do us good, and what can bring harm to our bodies and minds.

Another big challenge is the ever changing advise we get bombarded with from external sources (incl. the strong forces of marketing and social media). New diets, supplement, superfoods, new ways of exercising
etc. Even well ment advice and from our friends can be very hard to resist…
The risk is that we end up trying to fit into a form or personality that does not correlate with our own individual constitution.
Striving to become a poor version of someone else instead of owning up the best and healthiest version of our selves.

The best way to start regaining balance is getting back in touch with your own body and mind.
Listening inward and trusting the signals that is always there to guide us.

To become familiar and aware of the qualities and effects that influence us, we can start by recognizing and applying the simple wisdom of the GUNAS.

Both the maha-gunas (Sattva – Rajas – Tamas) and the 10 pairs of gurvadi-gunas provides a simple and easily approachable way to help us navigate the inner and outer «weather and territory».

Balancing the doshas

If you are familiar with your current imbalance (ref the dosha-quiz
found in the last blog post), you can also approach your healing by
paying extra awareness to that will bring balance to Vata, Pitta and

Enclosed you will find a list of 10 tips for each of the doshas.
As mentioned earlier I deeply encourage you to start with a couple
of very simple things. Choosing that which will be the easiest to
incorporate into your daily life. When this has become a regular
habit that does not inquire extra effort or attention you can take the
next step and add a couple of more things from the list.

10 tips for balancing each dosha
The maha-gunas

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