Birth as you Please with Amancaya Create

Birth as you Please with Amancaya Create

Be Woman Project presents Amancaya Xristina – Birth Artist and Social Entrepreneur, current with her new book “Birth as you Please” To enjoy more free classes for women, join our facebook group: Be Woman Sisterhood – Be Woman Project Group

Every Sunday a woman is sharing her offerings with us all, in her discovery of the Sacred Feminine and what have blessed her.

Amancaya Creations is a fertile land where I plant the seeds of my most crazy dreams and I observe them growing with time. My little Argonaut since he entered my body has been my inspiration. The transition into motherhood I have tried to capture through my drawings – Each female body – the roundness of creation – the welcoming warm womb. I am quite “new” in motherhood, exploring my new role, without forgetting my womanhood, but enriching it.

Twenty one mothers, birthing people from around the world, unite their voices in the book “Birth As You Please” to share their birth stories and portraits to inspire, empower and advocate the right to choose how to give birth; where, when and with whom. A book where the diversity of birth giving experience will be portrayed through colors and words and where art is used as a medium that elevates human existence and immortalizes the essence of motherhood.

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