Be Woman Online Presence

Be Woman Online Presence

A gift for you.

The vision of Be Woman Project is to inspire women from all walks of life to rediscover the value of being a woman, of having a sisterhood & of being a mentor/guide/mother of and to the universe.

Competition & jealousy has haunted us since beginning-less times because we don’t know what the source of happiness & security is. We project it outside of ourselves and want other people to make us happy. It never works that way.

We have to discover that I am the source of happiness & security & love here and now. In this discovery I am a free person and I can love people freely, appreciating them for what they are, a sacred being.

We have come together with a prayer to neutralise competition through support, contribution, admiration, sharing, inspiring, knowledge. There is an infinite wealth of knowledge available to us. All we have is to open our hearts to welcome it, neutralising the sense of unworthiness and let ourselves bloom & shine as the unique flower that we are. In essence; all one and the same.

The profound teachings of the Vedic Tradition makes us see the gold in and through all the ornaments. One gold, many sparkling jewels.

With this intention Be Woman Project has a new years gift:


6 inspiring women from the Be Woman Sisterhood who have offered to share their love & passion with you in 6 live facebook events.

We want to grow the Be Woman Sisterhood and have a wish to keep an ongoing online presence with inspiring & empowering women from all around the world. Maybe you want to join? Share your story, project and/or sacred art? 🙂

Starting with our Be Woman Training Facilitators

on full-moon January 20th up-to February 24th

every Sunday one of the Be Woman will share with you for 1 hour

what has blessed her life in being a woman.
You can get to know them, ask written questions, find inspiration, support, new possibilities, encouragement, empowerment, validation, insights, clarity, healing & much more.

These 6 women are also facilitators & mentors of the upcoming Be Woman Trainings our annual women’s circle facilitator courses & education on the sacred feminine. 3 yearly modules that are being held in Sweden, the Mediterranean & Bali. AND SOON ALSO ONLINE. We are preparing a 1 year online Be Woman Training.

You are invited to join and we ask you to invite other women, friends and sisters to the group & live talks who you think long for more connection, love and support and can benefit from this offering.

For us it is a gift to share with you. Each one of us has a story to tell. We have come together because we want to neutralise competition and everything that hinders us in embodying the love that we are. None of us wants to be alone. We all want the same: love, being loved, knowing that we are lovable & express the love that we are. Wholeness & fearlessness

May we find the courage to give up all that doesn’t serve us any longer and embark this beautiful journey of finding solace in ourselves, in prayers, knowledge, compassion, in other words in simply being ourselves.

On our Be Woman Project website you can read more about these 6 inspiring women or also on their personal website. See as follows.

Dates of live facebook talks/classes/session:

From January 20th to February 24th, every Sunday 11 am CET

How will it work: Just join the and access the live facebook event

You can join us live and ask us direct questions on the call when they come up for you. The wonderful thing is, if you can’t make it on the call the live call, it’s no problem as you can just watch the replay and still post your questions in the comment and we can answer them for you. 

Date and who will you meet from the Be Woman Sisterhood:

20.01. Sharada – Founder Be Woman Project & Vaidika Dharma Rituals & Teachings read more about her on &

27.01. Disa – Fertility Awareness & Body Literacy Teacher, Founder of Wahini read more about Disa on

03.02. Merete – Ayurveda for women – Founder of Om Ayurveda Norway read more about Merete

10.02. Nathalie – Relationship and Intimacy Coach, read more about Nathalie

17.02 Petra – Sacred Feminine Yoga, IAYT-cert yoga therapist, Physiotherapist, Mother

24.02. Evakarin – Life Coach & Counselling, Marketing & Online Presence Coach, read more about Evakarin at

Read more about down below what these women will share with you. 


Be Woman Project is a collective prayer and intention to inspire women from all over the world to find their voice and shine.

“Know Woman. Be Woman. All Women. Nature. Nurture. Me.”

This prayer has touched and blessed my heart so profoundly that I added a melody and started to chant, sing and share it with my sacred sisters in our Devi Circles. Today, this mantra is being shared with many women and sacred sisters.

If a woman’s heart can heal, it heals the whole universe… because she is the whole universe.

Women have shared and come together for times immemorial; gathered to pray, to sing, to worship, to support, to heal, to nourish, to grow together.

Now we can come together to embark on the profound journey towards Self Acceptance and the discovery of Love.

I look forward sharing with you teachings from the Vedic Vision as well as a Devi Puja, a Vedic Ritual dedicated to the sacred feminine.


My greatest wish is to be of service to womankind. I am here to offer my gifts and to share the knowledge of Fertility Awareness and Body Literacy with you, so that we as humans can thrive in these beautiful temples, our bodies. I work with women in groups, teaching them about the nectars of our precious yoni, that tell us about our fertile windows and about how our lives affect our hormonal balance and vice versa. We honor the blood mysteries and sacred sexuality.

My greatest joy is to see women take charge of their fertility, their sexuality and reclaim their body as their friend and consort. We connect to the Wisdom of the Womb and start to experience her greatness and her gifts.


Ayurveda represent the true wisdom of nature and turning toward our inner self as our best guide for health and healing. It helps us regain balance through connecting with the elements and the rhythm of life. Through awareness of what we take in through our senses, how we live our daily lives, eat and take care of ourselves.

As this ancient wisdom is so intuitive and natural I feel humble sharing what I have been thought and experienced during my own healing journey. Ayurveda is a truly holistic practice and it weaves together all the parts of our lives in a simple yet profound way. It is no quick-fix, but a lifelong journey towards; health – happiness – harmony.

By getting familiar with the basic principles we can all make simple changes and adjustment towards a more Ayurvedic lifestyle – based on our individual constitution and how we are continuously influenced by everything around us, and within.


Did you know that each of us has a personal style of sexuality, that is called an ‘Erotic Blueprint’. It helps you to understand your own sexuality and the sexuality of your lover.

Nathalie will be teaching you to OWN YOUR SEXUALITY by:

– Determining what your Core Erotic Blueprint™ is and understanding how your personal arousal and desire work.

– Discovering how to expand your sex play so you have more variety and freedom within your sex life.

– Uncovering any obstacles holding you back from your true sexual self so you can move toward what you really want to create.



The base of support for your spine and organs, a highly sensitive energetic center, a part of our body connected to strong emotions such as pleasure and shame – the pelvic floor is of great importance in our lives, often disconnected from and forgotten.

Welcome to an immersion where we explore practices to reconnect to the pelvic floor, expanding on the general Moola bandha: root lock, exploring more subtle and focused ways of activation. Learn how to engage, relax and stretch different parts of the pelvic floor through an integrated approach blending traditional yogic practices and physiotherapy.

We will acknowledge this part of our bodies for the structural, sensual, spiritual value it holds, for both women and men.

MAYBE YOU ARE… in need of a deeper connection with this part of your body, in need of healing and relaxation.

MAYBE YOU ARE… longing for increased pelvic floor strength so that you can jump, run, dance and laugh without a second thought.

MAYBE YOU ARE… a yogini who wants to understand the deeper value of pelvic floor practices.

MAYBE YOU ARE… a yoga teacher or health care practitioner who be able to give a tailored pelvic floor practice routine.


Be the change you want to see in the world. You are a part of the world so when you change, you change the world. We can always learn from each other but it also means that you can decide for yourself and listen to your own inner wisdom. What stands in the way of that is our patterns that we have inherited from previous lifetimes, ancestors and the culture we are brought up in. I will help you break free from those patterns that have given you limiting beliefs about yourself and what you can do in the world.

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