Ayurveda for women with Merete Skjørten

Ayurveda for women with Merete Skjørten

Be Woman Project are happy to present Merete Skjørten – Ayurveda for women, Founder of OM Ayurveda Norway, part of the Be Woman Project Team This is Meretes second class in the Be Woman Online Presence about Ayurveda for Women, her first from February 3rd you can also find here on our Be Woman Project Youtube Channel. To enjoy more free classes for women, join our facebook group: Be Woman Sisterhood- Be Woman Project Group

Every Sunday a woman is sharing her offerings with us all, in her discovery of the Sacred Feminine and what have blessed her.

Join Merete for another talk on Ayurveda as we tap into the sweetness of OJAS. Ojas is the subtle essence of Kapha and responsible for our immunity, vitality, juiciness and overall wellbeing. Learn more about this precious «nectar of life», why it is specially important to be aware of for us women and how it can be strengthened and nourished through simpel Ayurvedic practices. “Ayurveda represent the true wisdom of nature and turning toward our inner self as our best guide for health and healing. It helps us regain balance through connecting with the elements and the rhythm of life. Through awareness of what we take in through our senses, how we live our daily lives, eat and take care of ourselves. As this ancient wisdom is so intuitive and natural I feel humble sharing what I have been thought and experienced during my own healing journey.

Ayurveda is a truly holistic practice and it weaves together all the parts of our lives in a simple yet profound way. It is no quick-fix, but a lifelong journey towards; health – happiness – harmony. By getting familiar with the basic principles we can all make simple changes and adjustment towards a more Ayurvedic lifestyle – based on our individual constitution and how we are continuously influenced by everything around us, and within.”

More about Merete here: www.omayurveda.no

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