An Interview with Sharada for Bad Yogi Magazine

An Interview with Sharada for Bad Yogi Magazine

Our founder Sharada was recently interviewed by one of our sister’s Katie Kalyanni for Bad Yogi Magazine which is an online platform that is redefining yoga culture, one Bad Yogi at a time. Their mission is about removing the snobbery, pretense, and endless “prerequisites” to fit into the yoga community, reminding us that yoga isn’t just about (or for) lululemon wearing fitness buffs and hipsters. Yoga is a way of life and so much more than the physical asanas and most importantly: Yoga is for everybody!

This is why Katie Kalyanni felt this article would fit perfectly with Bad Yogis mission since the Be Woman Project is also about inclusivity, community and empowering each other. 

The warm Balinese air caresses my skin as I walk across three stepping stones to a cute little house guarded by a quaint little moat, surrounded by tropical plants and the gentle hum of insects and frogs, whilst the birds chatter in the distant trees. Leisurely lounging on a giant window seat with a pot of homemade chai, a cat, and multiple cushions is a beautiful woman whom you’d almost mistake for a fairy queen. With a tender spirit, a smile that could melt butter, she floats over to me with her invisible wings to give me a sweet, loving hug.

Sharada is the creatrix and founder of an incredible organization called “The Be Woman Project”. Knowledgeable in Yoga Philosophy, Vedanta, Sanskrit, Puja ceremony, and a former Odissi dancer, she teaches on international yoga teacher trainings and continues to manage the growth of her project centered on women’s health, womanhood, and sisterhood.

She sits with me to discuss living a spiritual life and how the Be Woman Project came into being.“- Katie Kalyanni

“Devi is a Sanskrit word and comes from the word Deva which means ”divine”. Sanskrit is the most refined and sacred language revealing that Devi means goddess. So what does it mean to be a goddess? If we look into the inner meaning it is “she who shines” or “She who gives existence to this whole universe.” She is like the light that gives life and makes everything light up. The light is a metaphor. So this is a message to all beings, to you and me- you are, I am, I shine! You shine! I exist and that existence is sacred. Devi is existent, a shining, sacred being.

This word Devi (or Deva) teaches us that God is not away from us, it is within us, we are God, all that is here is Goddess. There is no such thing as many goddesses or one goddess (god), there is only “Goddess”. Everything that is here is the sacred feminine- we are connected via the collective energy that makes up mother earth and the entire cosmos, so you see, you are the sacred feminine in the form of YOU or ME, or that tree and that puppy. But also in the form of man, woman, children, all that is here is Devi really. This is interesting because we don’t look at ourselves as Devi, as goddess. So many of us do not see how beautiful and shining we are, just as we are!”- Sharada, Be Woman Project Founder.

To read the full article click here: An Interview with Sharada, founder of the Be Woman Project

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