Complete Be Woman Circle Facilitator Training Course

9 month Apprenticeship Program

Be Sarasvati 'the wise woman'

Know Woman. 'The gift of being a woman' Learn how to hold Be Woman Circles.

Be Laksmi Lalita 'the graceful woman'

Be Woman. Discover sacred beauty and sisterhood.

Be Durga Kali 'the heroine'

All Women. The heroine's journey. She is a mentor, teacher, role model & dharmic warrior.

You are called to dive into the depths of the sacred feminine ‘Devi’ and wish to do all the trainings consecutively, starting with Module dedicated to Sarasvati, the goddess of knowledge ‘the wise woman’, followed by the Module Laksmi Lalita dedicated to sacred beauty and self acceptance ‘the graceful woman’, culminating with the Module Durga, the dharmic warrior ‘the heroine’. Then this 9 months Apprenticeship Program is for you. 

How does the apprenticeship program look like:

– We will meet regularly online after each module to deepen what we have learnt in each training
– Sharada will guide you in your healing, growth & learning process throughout the year
– You will start your own circles – live or online – and we will have separate Devi Online Circles along with the other apprentices to talk about what we are facing
– You will start interviewing women for Be Woman Online Presence to share their stories & projects
– You will offer support to other women who are reaching out to Be Woman Project
– You will keep a blog/vlog/website with stories, reflections, creative sacred arts and more details will be given, over 9 months from the time of beginning of your sacred journey of the complete Be Woman Circle Facilitator Training Course until culmination which will enhance the depth of your transformational journey as a woman. This journaling will assist you in your onward journey of being a Be Woman Circle Facilitator. As well as will we share the site/content with the Be Woman Sisterhood to inspire and bring awareness to the discovery of the value of being a woman, having a sisterhood and being a mother in and of the universe

What you will get out from this program:

– clear understanding of the sacred feminine according to Vedic Tradition
– feel empowered to hold your own circles
– a strong sense of belonging and worthiness of being loved and appreciated for who you are
– more self acceptance, compassion and love that is free from agendas
– understanding of human psychology
– a deep value for woman, sister & motherhood 
– the ability to inspire others and support them in their own self growth
– depth in your understanding of spirituality, the fundamental problem, the means & the goal to achieve moksha (ultimate happiness, freedom from the pain that i am not good enough as I am)
– strong meditation practice (including inner child meditation, reimagining meditation, relationship meditation, mantra japa meditation, value meditations, blessing and gratitude meditation, devi meditations), self care rituals, natural fertility tracking, prayers & mantras that you can explain and share with others
– deep integrity, authenticity and more self acceptance 
– be more confident in all your offerings including holding rituals & ceremonies
– life time skills and tools to manage your emotions, face all the different phases and transitions in life with awe, glad acceptance and understanding
– clearly seeing life as an offering with a profound sense of gratitude for all that is given

This is my truth. This path started with an unexpected break-up that turned my world upside down and took me right out of my comfort zone.
So Im ready to embrace this journey of Vedic Sisterhood of sharing ceremonies within the tradition of Vedanta to mark the passages of a woman's life.